Boredom; I’m just going to walk in nature

It is Monday, 8th of August, 2016. the 8th month of the year. Sometimes I do miss hanging out with ‘friends’. But people who care. Like my two relatives in Holland, Rotterdam. I was thinking about them, they were very sweet to me and my sister. Sometimes you just want to have fun and have a different energy around you.

Hangout with my relatives. I mean, I can invite them over, but I haven’t seen them for 4.5 years, I don’t know if we can level. Anyway, right now I want to watch a nice movie, however there aren’t some nice movies in the cinema.

My sister wanted to go to Santa Monica, but I didn’t fee like going. I mean, I want to, but I just want to be teleported and be there right now. I don’t want to travel the distance at the moment. I do want to go by plane. I love planes.

My sister just asked me to go hiking. I’m just going to do it. Not on the internet or phone, just walking in nature. See what happens. 😉


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