How I just overcame frustration and feeling hungry

I didn’t realize that I was making ‘feeling hungry’ an excuse. An excuse to avoid my tasks. I went to Zumba class at 8pm at LA fitness and I had a lot of fire and energy inside of me. All those thoughts were gone. Just feeling happy and excited to dance again. I needed movement, I truly needed it. The frustration was cause by social media, computer, iPhone. So many distractions, I wasn’t able to focus.

For an hour I put my mind on 0. No thoughts were coming in, just moving, dancing, expressing my joy in a physical way rather than well, I just had to dance the stress off. And I did, hallelujah.

I felt so low initially. E-mailing, getting no result. But ofcourse I feel sad and frustrated if I try to make deals through e-mail, through a device. I’m not connecting with people. So when I went to Zumba there was joy, a lot of joy and excitement. Everyone was excited.

However dealing with people and if someone is being frustrated to me or angry, I adjust to them and copy their emotions, I shouldn’t do that. IT’s hard to get emotion of love. It’s really hard. If someone accuses me wrongly. I mean it’s hard to act out of love. I only did that with that one person, but that person is not in my life anymore. But all those people I don’t know. I have to love everyone, it’s insane. I was looking so forward to making ice cream, too much hectic and frustration I don’t want it anymore. The anticipation is higher than the actual thing. Always


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