Making homemade ice cream from disaster to delicious

Hi lovely berries,

I bought an Ice cream maker and on Monday I made it together with my sister, however it was a complete disaster and very stressful. I was looking forward to it, for a long time and then when I got it, I didn’t catch up to my expectation. My sister said let’s just give it back. I had the same feeling. But it was our first attempt. I know now what I should do better next time. I just didn’t want to give up. This was the one thing, I actually have control over and get result. I’ll try again. I did, I just had to keep the ice longer in the ice cream maker, manufacturer says 25-30 minutes, it actually took 40 minutes, to get the best consistency.

Real ice cream. I tried it again and it was divine! Yes! Yes I am very excited about this, now I can make my own ice cream every week, especially when it’s so hot, woohoo! What a balance.

Ice cream recipe:

-4 Banana’s

-3 dates

-2 cups of home made brazil nut milk

-salt to taste (I put 1/4 teaspoon, love it!)

It made me happy. Actually what makes me truly happy, to see something that works 🙂 Especially after making an attempt, victory is sweet. That counts in everything in life. I did receive an e-mail back from sponsorship deal regarding filmmaking, after so many attempts, it was nice. Full speed ahead, God is with me. It was all after I just gave in and thought of trying a different way. When it doesn’t work, try a different way. There are more ways that lead to Rome. God already has planned everything for us beautifully, I just have to press the right button and I think I just did 😉


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