My commitment to start the day with what I like first

It is imperative to focus on what’s essential in life. I get caught up into things that are out of my control. What is my intention, what is my goal. There are problems, that need to be solved. Which are often very small and insignificant. It’s all about solving it. What I do is dwelling too much on ‘why this is happening.’ There are so many beautiful things happening in my life which I am very happy about.

I woke up with a mindset of accepting what I can’t change and focus on what is really important in life. Appreciation. I have to train that muscle much more. I do feel very heavy in my energy. Perhaps because I have my periods. But I appreciate the fact that everything in my body is thankfully working well. It tells me what’s healthy, what to eat and what not to eat.

My parents and grandma are coming within a month, from Amsterdam. We’re going to Hawaii and Las Vegas. I truly make it my mission to focus on what’s essential, which is being together. IT’s not about having the perfect ‘holiday’, it’s about enjoying and spending time together. Not rushing. Go with the flow.

Have a beautiful day.


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