Coziness of being at home

Sometimes I miss the Dutch coziness of being at home, or when there is rain, which was quite often in Amsterdam, being at home after doing the groceries. Having a nice hot chocolate. At the time, I didn’t know about corn starch and that dairy nowadays is not good for the skin. Just focusing on having a nice hot chocolate. However I did find a substitute for milk, which is brazil nut milk. And I will get cacao paste from mom, which is from her family’s farm in Suriname. So that’s cool.

Sometimes I miss having authentic Dutch cuisine and going to Amsterdam and wandering around with my parents (they were doing the groceries) and having lunch with them. Again there was rain, sitting in the car, having a long drive, looking outside and me being in the car with my parents and sister. Just looking outside, there is rain and I’m cozy in the car.

Sometimes I miss the restaurants in The Netherlands and Germany, nice amuses, delicatessen, real cuisine art, beautiful dishes and people taking the time to eat. To get the entrée after the starter there was 15 minutes in between, beautiful. That’s also why I’m thin, we have time to digest our food there 😉

So yep, sometimes I miss my Amsterdam and these moments. Which I am slowly but surely creating here in Los Angeles with my sister. Oehh, but I do miss them, there is no place like that.


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