Calmness starts with me

Good Evening dear ones,

Today I woke up 7.00am and left at 8am to go to the farmer’s market, together with my sister. Once I arrived at the farmer’s market, I again felt the urge to rush. My sister, reminded me, to keep calm and calmness starts by adjusting the posture. So suddenly I walked calmly, but surely. Without a rush. It all starts with me.

Unbelievable, but everything became actually very nice at pace, as it should be. I could enjoy this now. I could enjoy the ride. I was able to enjoy. Haha, wow, I was amazed, because I realized it again, that it all starts with myself. I’ve got the power.

I can’t control people reactions, whatever there reaction, I remain calm and explain it calmly. Taking my time. And know where to put my focus. Something happened with my mom’s car, she called me, to ask dad something. They are now in ‘they need their space’, but that is all between them and suddenly I became the middle men. I didn’t want to be and I explained it to both of them, kindly leave me out of this. I mean, I have my own life and I would love to be the messenger, but the reactions, that’s not my issue. They both understood, thankfully 🙂

I could here the music again at farmers market, it was nice. Very nice.

At 12pm I took Zumba class. Very exciting, I loved the music. I became very excited and screamed out of enthusiasm: ‘Yeahh!! Happy Sunday!!’

Joy, excitement, It’s all within me. There is seriously no point of waiting for the occasion to feel excited. Excitement can be created right here and now. I remember now 🙂

I love both of my parents dearly. Everything that happened so far, is a blessing, it was destiny.

Each day counts, make it count. It all is in my hands. At least the reaction is 🙂

Much love, enjoy this lovely Sunday



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