fine dining, oh the culinary life mmm

Hi sweethearts,

I come from Amsterdam, Europe, born and raised there. And because of my dad’s business and my mom’s culinary appetite, we travelled the world and experienced fine dining.

Now me and my sister are making our own dishes at home. I was looking for fine dining in Los Angeles, but it unfortunately it doesn’t live up to the standard of Europe and Dubai. Los Angeles is superb for business, but lifestyle, home and fine dining, wow, I have to see that yet. However Las Vegas, is the closest, in particular Wynn hotel, now that’s fine dining.

I love it, when I get a starter, a small dish and after 15 minutes, then they give an entrĂ©e. Food is not about, filling the hunger, it’s an experience. It’s art on it’s own. I love delicatessen. That’s where I get my joy out. That’s where I experience heaven. Less is more. They give small portions. But small portions, bit by bit, is a lot at the end and that is very fulfilling. I savor each dish, each ingredient.

I’m so grateful that my parents, are gifting us a holiday, where we can experience fine dining on a day to day basis, for three weeks. Oehh, can’t wait. That’s beautiful gift, a reward.

I went from Amsterdam to Los Angeles for my career. But I am absolutely implementing this fine dining. Whether I cook it, or search for it. This is life.

My sister is now preparing a delicious salad and after that I will have vanilla tea, with real vanilla sticks. The country of origin is from Indonesia.

I definitely want to invest in a big, beautiful kitchen. That’s where life begins.

Good night xxx



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