Inhale and exhale, take a deep breath, I choose you God

Good Morning berries,

I feel that I don’t know where I am going and wanted a hug. Just hugging. That’s what I missed. But my old habit would call people, that person, but I have tried it so many times, for 5 years and it never worked. Because that is not in my in my control. I took a deep breath, inhaled and exhaled, I said:

I surrender to you God, I have tried my way, it gave me pain, I will not look at the past, I will just walk your path.

Immediately I got a phone call. It truly is instant. A call to a great social event, with potential give away. That was just really nice. Last year I received a great gift, of going to Las Vegas. I celebrated my birthday there. That was really awesome.

Once I let go, it goes instantly. God is on my side and I choose  God. There is a path for me, I feel the fear and do it anyway. I have come a long way. Truly a long way, I made it so far. The only thing I can do is walk your path God, like a camel, I walk your path.

I miss the hug, yes, I miss the social life, weddings, going to baby showers etc. but I surrender to you, God’s will. You’re the master and if I want to change my faith, I’m questioning what God has written for me. I know God, that you have written my life in the best possible way. I just have to TRUST. There is an absolute huge trust and I just have to trust that it will work out exactly how it’s meant to be for me.

God bless


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