A beautiful night at Hollywood Bowl

Wow, magic, my life turned out exactly as I envisioned, actually better. God knew. Every experience, gave me a nuance, that I put in my art. It pushed me in the right direction. Yesterday, I went to the Hollywood bowl to listen to John Williams, a legend. It was absolutely beautiful.

There is no other place in the world where I could experience this, film lovers, a unity of creative people.I love you America. The national anthem was played. Very grateful, God bless America. You lift me up, you welcomed me gracefully, with warmheartedly. God I surrender to your masterplan. It’s you and me.

My intention is to connect and give. Give a beautiful experience to you the audience.

I have peace, inner peace. Peace of mind, that’s all I wanted. Music brings me everywhere, it gives me everything, I loved it. I am in love with you Los Angeles, ever since I came here, thank you. I am where I meant to be and keep walking the path that God has made for me.


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