quality time with my sister at DTLA fashion district

After quite some time, I think a year, me and my sister actually went out shopping at DTLA for ourselves. This time not as a business expense, but for us. I honestly went there because my sister wanted to make a dress for herself. She already made one for me. We took the metro and walked from there to fashion district. It was a beautiful walk, we walked on hope street at DTLA.

WOW! After living for 5 years in Los Angeles, I must say, DTLA has changed significantly. It was disgusting and felt not really safe to walk through DTLA 5 years ago, but now it has such a nice atmosphere.

Since we are going for a holiday in less than two weeks, we bought some nice backpacks and pants. It was so nice after such a long time to indulge and buy something for ourselves. I did feel initially a bit of, oeh, I’m spending. But these items were sold fast and I’ve done it in the past that I would wait until I’m ‘loaded’ with money and all the items were gone, as soon as I had money. So I’m definitely not going to do that anymore. If I see something and I know I can’t get it later, I’ll buy it.

The sun was shining beautifully. And after that we ate a nice sandwich.

Before this day, it was just horrible and this was really nice. I could savor it. A nice lovely day and quality time with my sister. It’s nice to go outside.

Loved it ❤


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