Listen to your own voice only, experience it yourself first

Good Morning,

I just arrived in Los Angeles, from Waikiki, Honolulu. In the plane there were several selections for films to watch. I wanted to watch a certain movie, but that didn’t work. I think God wanted me to watch this movie called: Pele. 

A few months ago I saw the trailer, read the reviews of Pele and they said that the film didn’t do justice to the legend. I still wanted to watch it, but it wasn’t in big cinema’s, only in art house cinema, far from the city. Anyway, my point is that I bought into that and I thought it wasn’t worth it.

But then I just starting watching it in the plane and magic started. Oh my God, already after a couple of scenes, I was overwhelmed and started to have tears, what a beautiful build up, beautiful scenes. The message, the scenes, the color palette everything was beautiful, it brought me tears, it moved something in me, now that’s a film. Every second of the movie was worth it, full of suspense. Every scene made sense, it was beautiful, amazing chemistry.

Anybody can give their experience of something, but what I’ve learned this past week, or actually what I have remembered, is that I have to experience it myself, because my experience will be different. I liked Pele, I loved it. I was depriving myself of such a beautiful experience. Only because I bought into those reviews and what other people said about it. NO!

What was so beautiful about it? I could relate to it. I don’t play like others, but I wanted to. I wanted to go to the ‘conventional’ road, but it didn’t work. I pushed it, it sometimes worked, but it wasn’t me. I am getting closer to who I am.

I am getting the courage to embrace who I truly am. 

Initially I was afraid and I pushed it for quite some time, because I was the only one going the other way. But I am grateful that I have been embraced my destiny, I had the courage to embrace it, I went the other way, my way and I am in harmony. I love what I do, it is music to my ears, everything matches. I love producing, I love my family, I love balancing it. Career and family, yes, it can be both, the top ingredient is patience. Patience result is sweet. Very sweet.

I couldn’t connect the dots, but now when I look back EVERYTHING makes sense. The GOOD AND THE BAD. EVERYTHING.

My parents and grandma are here with me and the unexpected happened, we are all in sync. We grew together. There is no distance, only love. Thank you God, this is it.


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