Rain! a great time to watch a movie, yes!

Good Morning lovely rain drops,

So happy to see you. Fresh air mmm. Inhale the fresh air. I’ve opened my window and I will go to the cinema at noon with my sister. We’re going to the Chinese theater to watch Inferno. I don’t know if it will be a nice movie, but my sister wanted to see it for the longest time. It’s always nice to watch a movie when it’s raining, at least I think so. In Amsterdam we did it all the time. It’s so cozy.

I love to maintain that balance. Yes there is work, and so called ‘achievements’, but it’s only great if we can spend quality time with family. I mean I need both. I love my career and spending time with family, not talking about my work. I rather talk about things in the moment and not about my work. That is all separate. I like to be composed on the surface and peddle beneath.

I love it when it’s sunny, but occasionally experiencing rain is fun 🙂

Yeahhhh! Have a beautiful Friday, lots of love!! xxx


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