The only thing I can do right now is do my best

When you are being pushed so much to the edge, the only thing you can do is JUMP. It’s third time in a row that I am in a situation where there is no where to go, other than to JUMP. My short film is keeping me going. Again there is mold and toxic in my apartment, manager is being difficult about relocating us to a closer unit, before breaking the walls and repairing.  It’s a very simple task, but some people love to irritate, since that is the highlight of that person. It has made it very uncomfortable for me and my sister, since we are in the middle of shooting our short film.

Our apartment, which is a studio apartment, is our location of the film, the kitchen would be part of the film, but unfortunately, we cannot enter it, because of the toxic smell that came from a leakage.

There are so many solutions, it’s very simple, but we are being pushed to the edge. However, I am a fighter, I like to come up with solutions and truly want to make this film happen. Nothing can stand in the way. I am living proof, since I am still in this apartment, doing our very best to do what is RIGHT. I am not going to do an apartment hunt, right now because that is not why I came here for from Amsterdam to Los Angeles. I’ve tried, believe me, yesterday and today I’ve tried to find another apartment, but it’s killing my spirit. I go the extra mile for my short film, but just to find another apartment again, it has to be a good one, and regarding the price, all I’m seeing is $2000, per month brand new ones. Which at the moment, is a bit on a  higher end now. Since I am investing in my films.

I’ve lived beautifully and comfortably in Amsterdam for 22 years. And I am not saying that I am settling for less, by all means, I am not, I would love to have peace and live in an environment where the air is breathable. But in time I will find it.

God is protecting me and my sister. We have opened the window, so the good air is coming our apartment and we have sealed the kitchen.

I have experienced beautiful things in my life and when I had it I didn’t appreciate it. Circumstances is not an excuse to not fulfill a purpose. I can’t say: ‘Let me wait, till the storm has cleared.’ The storm will not go away, until I work for what I want. I have to work what I want and not for what I don’t want.

God is trying to tell me something, I am listening and I am making this movie, to the best of my capacity. Only time will tell.

But I will do what I can.



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