Where are the gentlemen?

Good Morning my berries,

Life is truly what we make of it. I believe in possibilities and making opportunities. The moment I came to Hollywood, Los Angeles, I realized that I need to find an opportunity, make it. I immediately enrolled in a film event, talked to agents. I didn’t want to waste any time, I left my home in Amsterdam, to build a career in Los Angeles. I realized that there was no shortcut.

I had to take on any part that came my way. I had my Bollywood dancing skills, I learned a lot from playing an extra.

I am living here for 5 years and since two years, I feel that Los Angeles is my home. People are nice here. 4 guys have rejected the script, a beautiful script, we have shot most of it. Initially I was frustrated, didn’t like guys, how dare they reject my sister’s script. She is amazingly talented, award winning director, just because it’s not an action film? oh I’m sorry to make a film which is genuine, real.

But you know, everything happens for a reason. There is a reason why these guys are not part of this project. Because we are promoting an illusion. In reality I’m not meeting a guy who is a gentleman, who brings spark in my life. Yet we wanted to implement this in the film. We want realism, but this is not realistic. We have to tell the truth. This character is finding happiness on her own. Regardless of her circumstances. A guy or no guy? That is the question.

I know that chivalry is not dead. I was in Maastricht, The Netherlands, I studied there for a year and encountered a lot of Germany guys. They were very kind and such a gentleman.

To be continued…


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