I am so happy that I can feel alive with dancing, it gives me a kick in life

I really needed move, exercise and most importantly dance my heart out. It was 7pm, it was dark, I felt comfortable inside my room. But I know, if I go outside and work out, dance on Bollywood music, it would do me good. Meet people, say hi, I love that. I am a social person. And I had a free Lyft ride, the offer is valid until Wednesday, so I took the opportunity and went.

I absolutely loved it. I’m so happy I went. I danced my heart out. I felt so alive. I am so happy  that I can feel alive independently. 🙂 If I would wait for a certain person to come with me, dance with me, play with me or who would cheer me up, I might end up waiting forever alone, having done nothing 😦

I’m not waiting around for the ‘perfect circumstance’. If I want to do something or achieve something, I have to do it myself. No one will do it for me. I felt truly alive when I was dancing, something in me got connected to God, to heaven straight away, without any filter. I wasn’t thinking, I was doing, my body was working, dancing, performing. I loved it. I turned the ratio off and released the endorphins. It was absolutely necessary.

After so long I felt alive. It truly releases me. Dance is important in my life, I can’t live without it. It gives me relief, physical relief. It gives me joy, I can’t even express it in words, it is out of this world. Dancing on the beat, especially my roots, Bollywood dancing, it puts me on such a high, nothing gives me that ultimate joy, as this. Because this is not connected to anything, not to results, competition, it is just dancing for myself. Pure joy. When I hit the beat with my dance moves, that right there, gives me a huge kick. YESS!

Celebrate life, with or without. Tomorrow there will be another Bollywood class in Hollywood, I’ll be there as well. ❤

Thank you God.


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