I allowed myself to be myself ;)

I’m glad I went, I felt the fear and I did it anyway. I took my moments, didn’t wait for things to happen, I made it happen. There is no ‘perfect’ timing, or getting ready, just go, I only can learn by doing.

I’m glad I went to this Bollywood class, I completely focused on dancing, not on anything else. I am very happy about that. There were moments of insecurities, some were really good, but I’m here to do a workout and have fun, so it’s okay. I allowed myself to be myself 😉 With all the flaws and errors. I am human, I’m not perfect and I’m okay with that.

I had to get a sense of myself. After all the hectic, I had to work for what I want, get a sense of who I am at the core.

The only way I could do that, was to dance 🙂 To move, to exercise, I’m grateful that I did. Life has a meaning, it truly has. I lose the battle and win the war. That’s what I know for sure. so all these distractions, fine, I’ll lose on those small battles, but I’m willing to, because I want to win the war. And I need focus for that, energy and most importantly excitement. I love it when I can enlighten people with my enthusiasm, their positive reactions, gives me joy. I did something, I contributed. I fulfilled my task today of enlighten, bringing joy. Have a beautiful night, much love!


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