I can create my own heaven or my own hell, choose wisely

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s Wednesday 21st of December. It’s very important to look at the positive in life and don’t let circumstances get in the way of happiness. Yesterday I realized that life is beautiful. Yes I’m struggling with finishing the movie. But I encountered someone who was struggling with deeper things, talking to that Uber driver, felt as if there was no hope left in life. I am happy whatever I am facing. It’s okay.

I have wonderful parents, who are loving, and a loving sister. Compared to what I heard yesterday, God, I am blessed. The head space I’m in right now, is light, fairytale. Life is like that.

We do create our own heaven or our own hell. We do our best, make mistakes, learn from it. I choose to let things get to me, or just focus on the positive and what is going right. A lot of things are going right. I’m really grateful about that.

I have a warm house, I can take a warm shower, I can eat and dine where I would like to. I’m not choosing it right now, since I don’t want to interact with people at the moment. I am positive and I like to keep it that way.

Life doesn’t turn out the way I want to, it turned out better, for my best interest. I am grateful and I go with the flow. That’s all I can do 🙂

No matter what happens, with or without, I appreciate life as it comes, life has been good to me.  I learn and do my best. I want to live the best life possible and let it go. Compared to that driver, I’m living in heaven. All because I choose to think that way and live life lightly.

Take it easy, being kind to myself is the key to living life with happiness.

Be kind to yourself, wish you a beautiful holiday. I’ll be home for Christmas together with my sister. 🙂

Much love, big hug ❤


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