Happiness is not ready made, I have to work on it, which means it’s in my hands :)

Good Morning Star shines,

5 years ago, I had a picture in my room, a picture of a pool with palm trees. I was in Amsterdam, where there are no palm trees. I thought if I would achieve this, if I could go there to that place, I would be happier, I would feel alive, feeling at rest. 5 years ago, I went to Los Angeles. And I went into an apartment complex that looked exactly like that picture.

Truth to be told; I wasn’t happy. It was even worse. I felt not in harmony, I felt I lost something. How is that possible? This is my dream, this is all I ever wanted. But life doesn’t work like that. I broke my heart. 3 years later, I accepted that I had a broken heart, I made peace with my decision of my commitment to God. I realized, once I made peace with myself and God, once I accepted my present, that’s where I found happiness.

Everyday I have to remind myself, that I have a commitment to God first, he knows. I do trust God. Everything is fine and will be alright. It always turns out to be fine.

It starts with the morning. It all starts with the morning. The morning is fresh. It’s serene.

I dreamed about Gold Honey. Very beautiful, delicious. It’s possible. There is a possibility of ultimate happiness, there is. For now I am happy 🙂



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