Keep going, the view is beautiful at the top

Hi my raspberries

How have you been? I’m okay 🙂 Living an enchanted life. Beautiful how things work out, as long as I take the steps.

At times I wanted to stop, but just taking the steps, without feeling it, that somehow led me to the top.

Giving back to society by means of art. I wanted to dance and I got an opportunity to teach dancing to children. I wanted to do it for free, I’m going with the flow 🙂 ❤

Taking the steps has led me to the top. I kept going and the view is indeed beautiful.

Have a good night. Sweet dreams ❤


What I use to fight against, has become the biggest blessing in the world

Hi my sweet flowers,

How to be happy? I’ve been meaning to get the answer for so long. And for so long I thought it was romantic love. But finally I think I realize how I truly can be happy. It’s when I get closer to who I am. Where I can be me.

I love life, I start to see life as it is. Suddenly life started to have a beautiful tune of it’s own. How did I get here?

It wasn’t easy. For years I was having an inner conflict. Making wrong choices, wanting to be with people who weren’t meant to be in my life. Not accepting my destiny, not accepting my desires.

Happiness. That happiness what I was seeking, I finally get it. Finally. I already knew it. I remember it now physically, emotionally, mentally.

If it wasn’t for all these experiences, I wouldn’t know, I wouldn’t remember. When I was young I understood. I thought that this kind of happiness, was defined as lonely. Enjoying the simplest things in life. Eating a delicious pastry, dancing, looking outside. Right now I am enjoying that on my own. And ofcourse I am on this journey together with my sister. Which I am extremely happy about. I have accepted my destiny and now I love it. What I use to fight against, has become the biggest blessing in the world. Which is my sister.

I love life and the fact that I have a sister. My baby sister. This journey wouldn’t be complete without her. We laugh, cry, joke together. She stood by me and I learned to stood by her. Circumstances brought us together and together we flourished.

Everything that I have received and am receiving, is beautiful because I can share it with my sister.

I don’t understand why I was fighting this. But truly I understand the value of this relationship. I am grateful. I don’t take it for granted. I can’t. I know the price, I have seen it.

No matter what happens, I am grateful that we have eachother, sisters. It’s a bond that was destined to be together. Unbreakable, we have become unstoppable. I won’t let anything stand in the way anymore. It’s destiny

Life’s delicious secret: millefeuille vanilla pastry

Mmm, I just ate the most delicious pastry: millefeuille vanilla pastry from Laduree. I’m from Amsterdam and have visit France a lot of times. But I’ve never seen the shop Laduree, or it didn’t really stood out for me at the time.

I really missed European pastries and the fresh bakery. Suddenly I saw Laduree at the grove. I tasted Millefeuille vanilla, it was define.

It’s absolutely delicious. So much that I took two in one day! That is too much, too much sugar. So I limited now to once a week, to treat myself. Everything in moderation 🙂

I went to Beverly Hills today, it was beautiful. Life is beautiful. ❤  I see it now. 2 years ago, I couldn’t, I was at the start of something new. Finally I can see now, the flowers, the blue sky, the beauty of life, living with my sister. I treasure it. I don’t take it for granted anymore 🙂

I can’t. I can’t be the person I used to be, I can only be better 🙂 Thank you God, for this life 🙂

How the force pushed me again to my rightful position

It is unbelievable and it seemed impossible, but one thing I know for sure is that NOTHING is impossible for the universe. Absolutely nothing. Trust the force.

For a period of time I thought that I doubted my journey, I thought why is this happening to me. I realized that other people were with our knowledge, but we couldn’t use it. It was as if the force deliberately let me stay in that place, environment. After coming out of the situation I realized there was a true masterplan behind it. I felt it, but I couldn’t see it. I completely put the trust in God and was willing to lose the battle, so I could win the war.

Before victory is made, those battles were the toughest. Apparently we gave so much that suddenly major luck came our way. So massive, that suddenly took us out of the situation and put us at the rightful place. Exactly where we are meant to be. It was just timing.

It doesn’t matter what people say or how much money people has, it’s all about being a good human being. That is the essence of life. When you have humanity with you, the world is with you, the whole universe is with me.

People tried to stop us, but the force was to big, it didn’t them stop us. Me and my sister became unstoppable.

It was already decided from the moment we were born. There are multiple stories from going poor to rich. But how few are there, of someone who was willing to give up everything to pursue a dream in a foreign country? I did. At times, actually often, and for a period of time, every day, I was thinking if I made the right decision. I had all the comfort in Amsterdam. My beautiful house, room, car everything was at my disposal.

But today and actually the moment I found harmony within myself and with my sister and parents, that was the moment I realized that I can make a home everywhere, with or without, happiness is not dependent on circumstances. It truly comes from within. I can buy a bed, but I can’t buy sleep. I can sleep, I have rest in my heart. At that time, yes I had money, I was rich, but I felt lost.

I’m still not there yet, but I can definitely taste the fruits of getting closer to myself. The moment me and my sister shook hands with each other, the forces started to help us. Within two years, we got again higher, we got pushed into our rightful place, where we belong.

I again acquired everything I had, the things I had in Amsterdam, I’ve got even more in Los Angeles, better. Why better? Because with financial stability, I got peace of mind, awareness, harmony and love. Love for myself. Authentic love, appreciating life.

Again no money in the world could have taught me these valuable lessons, only life can. Life is bigger, it is beyond our comprehension.

I thank you God from the bottom of my heart for giving me this journey and everything in it. I see now. The clouds have disappeared, I see absolute clarity.

It is time. I am right back where I belong, with an improved me 😉

Listen to the mountains, I’ve always got the answers from there :)

Good Morning,

I always go to Runyon Canyon to express my gratitude to the universe. Also to get answers for my next step. In 5 years time span, this has always worked for me and whatever the mountain said to me, I listened and followed the advice. Sometimes I went against it, but eventually I listened to the advice.

As I was there at the top, I couldn’t believe the journey and still think how I did it. I just took the steps, that’s what I’ve learned. Step by step I’ve arrived here.

The mountains are so beautiful, the hills in Hollywood are breathtaking, today it looked magnificent. So green! So fresh, the air was so fresh.

I went from zero, from scratch to a whole other level. I always wanted to live in a country with mountains, palm trees. I got a feeling that I was in Dubai, in Germany. It is lovely.

Whenever I am stuck in decision making, I always got the answers from the mountains. My intuition is the strongest there, since there is no outside noise.

God knows and I surrendered, I go with the flow. Enjoying the journey and gliding from here.

I feel I exist the most when I do Runyon Canyon in the morning, I love it, it’s my meditation.

Let it all go, everything will present itself by taking the steps. And the mountains said today:

Enjoy the ride!

I will, thank you!


Don’t look back

After 4 years living at the previous apartment, coming from a very luxurious environment in Amsterdam and the first year, this experience has grounded me forever. No money, no big house could have taught me what the that apartment has taught me. It has taught me about true humanity, it has taught me about life. I will take this experience and engrave it and take it with me for the rest of my life. It has taught me the true meaning of life. Which is being in harmony with myself is true happiness.

There is not better than here. The present is the greatest gift from God, this is what I have. A home is not defined by big or small, it is defined by harmony and love. Which are priceless.

I use to fuzz about the smallest things not being done, I’ve learned my lesson and appreciate everything, we’re all human, all connected.

Don’t ever look at others, ever, I don’t know and don’t need to of how they are doing and how are they doing it, it’s how can I do it in my own authentic truthful way.

Appreciating my life, my pace.

Don’t look back.

Do, Act, Appreciate

I am living it, the dream ❤ for real. I have to look at my own journey, working on my own journey, that’s how I got successful in the first place. In hindi they say: Haar ke jeet gayi. Meaning: By losing, I won. I’ve earned it back. I can taste my home, the luxury again, I’m very grateful for this.

I’ve learned a lot. This is what we were used to. This view, the pool, the shower was all a dream, now reality. I understand life now, I understand God. Do, Act, Appreciate. I’m home, I’m happy, filled with joy and peace ❤

Happy Sunday! Very happy to be moved in a new apartment in Los Angeles, this is just the beginning. 🙂

It is time, going to a higher level

There is something pushing me out of this old environment, out of this status quo into a higher level. I thought I wasn’t ready, I guess I am.

I trust God, I trust my intuition and follow it. Not going against the force, but going with the flow.

I accept my destiny and embrace it. God is the giver and I thank you God for all the gifts.

Deep inside of me, I wanted this, I truly want to go to a higher level, a new beginning, dance, exercise, live more by taking the initiative to work out more.

I feel more alive, by doing that, I trust you God.


I see opportunities, I see perspective by working on myself

Hi munchkins,

I am so grateful and happy I made the right choice for myself. Even though my feelings often gets in the way, my actions are still progressive. I am doing exactly what I love to do, I am free of limitations and trust the journey.

I am ambitious and I am on the journey of accepting that characteristic about myself more and more. I have peace with the choices I made in my life. I am so happy that I went on with my journey.

When I look back, I can confidently say that I truly made the best choice. I went for my career, because I love it. I let everything go, the past and the future.

God has given me again the opportunity to live my dream here in Los Angeles. For a moment I wasn’t sure what would happen, but I have fallen in love with the beauty of Los Angeles. I love it ❤  I appreciate it.

There is no place like home, which is here in Los Angeles. I see opportunities, I see perspective. And that perspective comes from within, by taking the steps. Trusting God and experiencing  the journey of life. I don’t have to feel, I just have to take the steps. Push and take the steps.

I am working on myself to become a better person, being kind, appreciating and more loving.

I catch myself of going to the past, but then I remind myself to stay present. Look at what’s here in the now. I see beauty, I see perspective.

If I say long enough that I love my present, soon I will love my present. It takes practice. That would be my challenge, let’s see 🙂

Much love ❤

A new beginning, going with the flow

Hi sweethearts,

A new year, a new beginning has arrived. 4 years ago, I had to go from a very luxurious place to a place I did not want to enter. I had to downsize. But I learned a lot in those 4 years. I went to an apartment complex, that opened my eyes. I realized what life means. The true meaning of life. Which is not defined by money, status or circumstance. It is defined by my reaction. That is what I learned. When I had to downsize, we had to go to an apartment which was less expensive. The one that I wanted was still not in our budget. And I chose for the one I am in right now. After 4 years, I am able to go to the one I wanted.

I was pushed into a higher level and I am going now with the flow. I trust you God and I cannot deny the signs you have given me. You truly have the best intentions for me. I thank you God for that.

The time has come to go higher, to reach higher. It is my destiny, it is meant to be. I am going to another apartment complex after living here for 4 years. It is time. This is the time.

My new year has begun. Next Saturday I am on my to my another apartment, the one that I was meant to be in 4 years ago. I had to learn. I had to learn what life is about. I’ve grown and understand that it is in my best interest to go with the flow.

Whatever you say God, I trust. I follow the best which is you God. I have seen time and time again, that you know better.

Happy New Year, let’s level up! 🙂