Don’t look back

After 4 years living at the previous apartment, coming from a very luxurious environment in Amsterdam and the first year, this experience has grounded me forever. No money, no big house could have taught me what the that apartment has taught me. It has taught me about true humanity, it has taught me about life. I will take this experience and engrave it and take it with me for the rest of my life. It has taught me the true meaning of life. Which is being in harmony with myself is true happiness.

There is not better than here. The present is the greatest gift from God, this is what I have. A home is not defined by big or small, it is defined by harmony and love. Which are priceless.

I use to fuzz about the smallest things not being done, I’ve learned my lesson and appreciate everything, we’re all human, all connected.

Don’t ever look at others, ever, I don’t know and don’t need to of how they are doing and how are they doing it, it’s how can I do it in my own authentic truthful way.

Appreciating my life, my pace.

Don’t look back.


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