Listen to the mountains, I’ve always got the answers from there :)

Good Morning,

I always go to Runyon Canyon to express my gratitude to the universe. Also to get answers for my next step. In 5 years time span, this has always worked for me and whatever the mountain said to me, I listened and followed the advice. Sometimes I went against it, but eventually I listened to the advice.

As I was there at the top, I couldn’t believe the journey and still think how I did it. I just took the steps, that’s what I’ve learned. Step by step I’ve arrived here.

The mountains are so beautiful, the hills in Hollywood are breathtaking, today it looked magnificent. So green! So fresh, the air was so fresh.

I went from zero, from scratch to a whole other level. I always wanted to live in a country with mountains, palm trees. I got a feeling that I was in Dubai, in Germany. It is lovely.

Whenever I am stuck in decision making, I always got the answers from the mountains. My intuition is the strongest there, since there is no outside noise.

God knows and I surrendered, I go with the flow. Enjoying the journey and gliding from here.

I feel I exist the most when I do Runyon Canyon in the morning, I love it, it’s my meditation.

Let it all go, everything will present itself by taking the steps. And the mountains said today:

Enjoy the ride!

I will, thank you!



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