What I use to fight against, has become the biggest blessing in the world

Hi my sweet flowers,

How to be happy? I’ve been meaning to get the answer for so long. And for so long I thought it was romantic love. But finally I think I realize how I truly can be happy. It’s when I get closer to who I am. Where I can be me.

I love life, I start to see life as it is. Suddenly life started to have a beautiful tune of it’s own. How did I get here?

It wasn’t easy. For years I was having an inner conflict. Making wrong choices, wanting to be with people who weren’t meant to be in my life. Not accepting my destiny, not accepting my desires.

Happiness. That happiness what I was seeking, I finally get it. Finally. I already knew it. I remember it now physically, emotionally, mentally.

If it wasn’t for all these experiences, I wouldn’t know, I wouldn’t remember. When I was young I understood. I thought that this kind of happiness, was defined as lonely. Enjoying the simplest things in life. Eating a delicious pastry, dancing, looking outside. Right now I am enjoying that on my own. And ofcourse I am on this journey together with my sister. Which I am extremely happy about. I have accepted my destiny and now I love it. What I use to fight against, has become the biggest blessing in the world. Which is my sister.

I love life and the fact that I have a sister. My baby sister. This journey wouldn’t be complete without her. We laugh, cry, joke together. She stood by me and I learned to stood by her. Circumstances brought us together and together we flourished.

Everything that I have received and am receiving, is beautiful because I can share it with my sister.

I don’t understand why I was fighting this. But truly I understand the value of this relationship. I am grateful. I don’t take it for granted. I can’t. I know the price, I have seen it.

No matter what happens, I am grateful that we have eachother, sisters. It’s a bond that was destined to be together. Unbreakable, we have become unstoppable. I won’t let anything stand in the way anymore. It’s destiny


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