Speak from the heart openly, because if you don’t do it , someone else will

Two years ago I wrote a post about women in empowerment, at that time, it wasn’t on the radar, no one was talking about it. Initially I was scared to post it, to share my views.

I’m from Amsterdam, and every time I went to a family function I was being asked if I had a boyfriend and when will I marry. As if I’m born to do just that. I always said that I want to be an actress, but I wasn’t taken seriously. This was all 5 years ago.

Now of course it’s different. Today 5 years later, I’m still residing in Los Angeles, working as an actress producer and apparently have inspired the whole community. All of them who asked me, now are encouraging their children to follow their dream, be ambitious. Aunties, uncles etc all taking that empowering path.

I remember just before I published the post, I thought I have a strong opinion, but do people want to read this, is it interesting? My sister said: ‘If you don’t do it, someone else definitely will say this.’

I’m glad I did. Lead by example, people are following. I was at that time the only ambitious one, together with my sister. People did not understand me. I always wished if there were more people like me, very ambitious with a strong will character, determined to succeed.

Then I went to Los Angeles, to United States of America, the land of opportunity. LA the entertainment capitol of the world. Where ambition is equivalent to breathing. I didn’t go there because I wanted to, I am here because it is my destiny. The force was pushing me here. No one can take away my destiny. It’s all written and all I have to do is listen to my intuition.

I’m proud of who I am, America has welcomed me. I feel home here. I do feel a unity here. We are all together, creating. Creativity is bonding us all. I’m extremely grateful that I am part of this. There is no place that I want to be other than Los Angeles. I love you, you made me strong and I won’t let you down. I don’t need to show, it’s already done.

It is time.


Love for the art


It’s about celebrating the craft
Coming together as a union. With all walks of life.
It’s an ode to the art of films.

I’m blessed with my life, with a warm bed, warm house, quality food. I’m blessed that I can choose who I want to be and what I want to do with my life.

It’s my life. Fresh air, fresh grass I can all smell it. It’s beautiful, the view is beautiful. It’s a gift. This life is a gift. It’s amazing. I can see the value of life. It’s in the simplicity. Love, laughter, cycling.

Almost finished with editing the short film. Winning a film festival is a tool. To get to the audience, give them a valuable time and a beautiful perspective on life, through my eyes, the way I see it. With love ❤

Children are joyful, they represent life, perspective,they are the future

Hi my cupcakes,

I’m so happy I gave a free Bollywood dance class to children. I love my life, my career, but it’s also very nice to interact with children. They are joyful, sweet and naughty. It’s the beginning. The circle of life.

Life. It’s the moments that count. I look back on those moments, childhood laughter, playing around, having fun, lots of fun. That is life. ❤

Cheers and enjoy the moment 🙂

A Magical day, doesn’t happen overnight, create it

Good Evening,

Today I gave a Bollywood dance class to children. I did that for free, outreach program for children. Which I started myself. It was lovely. ❤

It’s all about giving and spreading love and kindness. I realized this 2.5 years ago. It all starts by giving, not taking, not waiting. It was beautiful and after giving class to these munchkins, magic happened. I looked up at the sky and I saw a rainbow, the colors were so clear, so vivid. Yes, it’s science, but it’s beautiful. The colors, wow. God made this earth very beautiful and I see it.

This is nature, which I appreciate a lot. It doesn’t happen on my command, it happens. I just take the steps. Opportunities are created after taking the steps. Sometimes it does come all at once, but that’s okay. I can take it, I do it. It’s fine.

Because I created this opportunity again. It came to me three years ago, I didn’t recognize it, I took it for granted. There is no: ‘I have to do this first, then I can do that’. ‘I have to get this first, then I can work on it’. Such a silly thought. Life doesn’t work like that.

Live now, give now, love now, time doesn’t stand still, celebrate now!

Checking in with myself, making time for meditation

Good Evening lovely berries,

As much as I love doing things that will elevate my production company, I also realize that I do need a big time out. I am very ambitious, but I rather keep it cool. In interviews I learned to be practical and not talk too much in ‘I want to create a legacy… ‘  That is great for this platform, where I can openly express my thoughts, but by saying it, on those platforms,  I’m saying as if I’ve done it and I don’t have as much fire inside of me.

In fact, I’ll take life as it comes, I’m letting go of aiming for being a legend one day. I mean those are grand ideas, big thinking, which is awesome, but it’s overwhelming.

I want to go back to earth and balance it out. Meditation is important and for me meditation is just sitting on the ground and inhaling deeply and exhaling. Just being.

I’m allowing myself to do that. I think social media is too distracting, I thought I needed it, but I have to set a time for it, just for an hour I’ll focus on one task.

I’m doing well, if I can say it myself 🙂 I’m very happy how everything is going, I truly appreciate this journey. But I also have to live and let go of those big ideas. I’ll take life as it comes. We’ll see how it goes.

I know it’s a little bit of a period of not feeling, just doing. Eating a nice macaroon gives me a great feeling. But I definitely want to be more in nature, relax more. I need it. My body and my mind deserves it. Just enjoying the ride. Enjoy as much as possible.

popular vs important

Hi lovely poppets!

I’ve just made some delicious self made hummus and enjoying my Sunday. I walked around my new neighborhood, beautiful and sunny. It was a beautiful gratitude walk.

I have a lot of calmness in my life, I have rest in my heart. I basically got and get whatever I like, as long as my intention is right.

Yes, I wanted popularity and I got to sense some bits and pieces. But popularity can go to my head. See, being popular, means I get the numbers. But I also realized that I can get the numbers as being the underground person. I’m successful underground.

When I contribute, when I matter, when I’m important I get the numbers too. It’s nice to get that verified badge on Instagram, twitter etc. But content is king, it always was and always will be. Audience has become smart and can’t be fooled. That was exactly my intention.

As long as I keep doing the work, I’m standing. As soon as I open my mouth and start talking, I’m done. Yes people start listening and I can lecture on it on Tedx, that is great, but what am I doing? Instead, I actually am giving Bollywood classed to children, voluntarily. It’s feel great to talk about my success, perhaps better than actually doing something.

I have learned the hard way. I always wanted to do something and not talk. Being important is big. That is a path, it’s going beyond popularity. It’s creating a legacy.

A beautiful view in the morning

Good Morning my beautiful flowers,

Yesterday I celebrated my sister’s 25th birthday. Very beautiful, we ate lots of pastries and watched a movie of her choice. She actually got everything what she wanted and same here 🙂

I wake up in the morning and after some stretching, I always take a look at my view. I go to the balcony and see the beautiful sky. And the nice pool, which I saw at Hilton Hawaiian in Hawaii. Because when I saw the pool out of my room, I knew that I wanted that. ❤

See the thing is, I always had a view in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but did not appreciate it. Now of course after this journey I appreciate everything, the little things in life.

Nature is the most beautiful thing on this earth. That is priceless. The birds singing in the morning. The morning freshness, it smells great.

It’s lovely. This is how I start my day, I understand now 🙂 This is what we have, nature, which is priceless and the most beautiful thing in the world.


When life looks like a beautiful picture, c’est la vie


How life can look beautiful, when I suddenly can taste the beauty of life. When did this happen? How come I started to love life again? How come I see everything so beautiful.

That only happened when I was in elementary school or at my college year, or when I was in love………

But now……I have it because I feel happy in my own skin, in my own body. I surrendered, I let go and accepted my journey.

It took time, but now that I’m 27, I get it. I have it…again 🙂

I look up, I love life. There are ups, there are downs, but that’s part of life. C’est la vie!


Being present is happiness


It’s now 1.18 am. I’m very happy that I can say that I am present. We are almost done with shooting and even though I’m the actress in the film and the producer, I still can re direct the scene. And those re directions are vital. If it weren’t for those re-directions the whole film wouldn’t have the atmosphere that it required. I realized how important it is that I am aware!

Initially I wasn’t present at all. I was always thinking ahead or thinking about the past, thinking about what I could have, or what I had.Positive or negative, the present wasn’t really important for me, so I would just brush things off.

Now of course, life has taught me a valuable lesson. I can’t buy or eat anything from the past or future. Both are empty. But the present makes me a rich person, from the inside out. I truly can say that I’m happy, because I’m present. And I thought I could only achieve it by an accomplishment or a relationship.

Getting closer to myself, getting closer to God ❤

Good night 🙂