Being present is happiness


It’s now 1.18 am. I’m very happy that I can say that I am present. We are almost done with shooting and even though I’m the actress in the film and the producer, I still can re direct the scene. And those re directions are vital. If it weren’t for those re-directions the whole film wouldn’t have the atmosphere that it required. I realized how important it is that I am aware!

Initially I wasn’t present at all. I was always thinking ahead or thinking about the past, thinking about what I could have, or what I had.Positive or negative, the present wasn’t really important for me, so I would just brush things off.

Now of course, life has taught me a valuable lesson. I can’t buy or eat anything from the past or future. Both are empty. But the present makes me a rich person, from the inside out. I truly can say that I’m happy, because I’m present. And I thought I could only achieve it by an accomplishment or a relationship.

Getting closer to myself, getting closer to God ❤

Good night 🙂


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