A beautiful view in the morning

Good Morning my beautiful flowers,

Yesterday I celebrated my sister’s 25th birthday. Very beautiful, we ate lots of pastries and watched a movie of her choice. She actually got everything what she wanted and same here 🙂

I wake up in the morning and after some stretching, I always take a look at my view. I go to the balcony and see the beautiful sky. And the nice pool, which I saw at Hilton Hawaiian in Hawaii. Because when I saw the pool out of my room, I knew that I wanted that. ❤

See the thing is, I always had a view in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but did not appreciate it. Now of course after this journey I appreciate everything, the little things in life.

Nature is the most beautiful thing on this earth. That is priceless. The birds singing in the morning. The morning freshness, it smells great.

It’s lovely. This is how I start my day, I understand now 🙂 This is what we have, nature, which is priceless and the most beautiful thing in the world.



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