Checking in with myself, making time for meditation

Good Evening lovely berries,

As much as I love doing things that will elevate my production company, I also realize that I do need a big time out. I am very ambitious, but I rather keep it cool. In interviews I learned to be practical and not talk too much in ‘I want to create a legacy… ‘  That is great for this platform, where I can openly express my thoughts, but by saying it, on those platforms,  I’m saying as if I’ve done it and I don’t have as much fire inside of me.

In fact, I’ll take life as it comes, I’m letting go of aiming for being a legend one day. I mean those are grand ideas, big thinking, which is awesome, but it’s overwhelming.

I want to go back to earth and balance it out. Meditation is important and for me meditation is just sitting on the ground and inhaling deeply and exhaling. Just being.

I’m allowing myself to do that. I think social media is too distracting, I thought I needed it, but I have to set a time for it, just for an hour I’ll focus on one task.

I’m doing well, if I can say it myself 🙂 I’m very happy how everything is going, I truly appreciate this journey. But I also have to live and let go of those big ideas. I’ll take life as it comes. We’ll see how it goes.

I know it’s a little bit of a period of not feeling, just doing. Eating a nice macaroon gives me a great feeling. But I definitely want to be more in nature, relax more. I need it. My body and my mind deserves it. Just enjoying the ride. Enjoy as much as possible.


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