A Magical day, doesn’t happen overnight, create it

Good Evening,

Today I gave a Bollywood dance class to children. I did that for free, outreach program for children. Which I started myself. It was lovely. ❤

It’s all about giving and spreading love and kindness. I realized this 2.5 years ago. It all starts by giving, not taking, not waiting. It was beautiful and after giving class to these munchkins, magic happened. I looked up at the sky and I saw a rainbow, the colors were so clear, so vivid. Yes, it’s science, but it’s beautiful. The colors, wow. God made this earth very beautiful and I see it.

This is nature, which I appreciate a lot. It doesn’t happen on my command, it happens. I just take the steps. Opportunities are created after taking the steps. Sometimes it does come all at once, but that’s okay. I can take it, I do it. It’s fine.

Because I created this opportunity again. It came to me three years ago, I didn’t recognize it, I took it for granted. There is no: ‘I have to do this first, then I can do that’. ‘I have to get this first, then I can work on it’. Such a silly thought. Life doesn’t work like that.

Live now, give now, love now, time doesn’t stand still, celebrate now!


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