Speak from the heart openly, because if you don’t do it , someone else will

Two years ago I wrote a post about women in empowerment, at that time, it wasn’t on the radar, no one was talking about it. Initially I was scared to post it, to share my views.

I’m from Amsterdam, and every time I went to a family function I was being asked if I had a boyfriend and when will I marry. As if I’m born to do just that. I always said that I want to be an actress, but I wasn’t taken seriously. This was all 5 years ago.

Now of course it’s different. Today 5 years later, I’m still residing in Los Angeles, working as an actress producer and apparently have inspired the whole community. All of them who asked me, now are encouraging their children to follow their dream, be ambitious. Aunties, uncles etc all taking that empowering path.

I remember just before I published the post, I thought I have a strong opinion, but do people want to read this, is it interesting? My sister said: ‘If you don’t do it, someone else definitely will say this.’

I’m glad I did. Lead by example, people are following. I was at that time the only ambitious one, together with my sister. People did not understand me. I always wished if there were more people like me, very ambitious with a strong will character, determined to succeed.

Then I went to Los Angeles, to United States of America, the land of opportunity. LA the entertainment capitol of the world. Where ambition is equivalent to breathing. I didn’t go there because I wanted to, I am here because it is my destiny. The force was pushing me here. No one can take away my destiny. It’s all written and all I have to do is listen to my intuition.

I’m proud of who I am, America has welcomed me. I feel home here. I do feel a unity here. We are all together, creating. Creativity is bonding us all. I’m extremely grateful that I am part of this. There is no place that I want to be other than Los Angeles. I love you, you made me strong and I won’t let you down. I don’t need to show, it’s already done.

It is time.


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