Remember to be in the present, that is life

It’s Sunday, 5th of March, 2017. Wow, third month in this year! Hello, that is unbelievable. I remember as if it was yesterday that we moved into our new apartment. And February was too short!

I guess it had to do with the fact that I was on a major deadline for this year’s Cannes submission. I had to make it and that was the only thing I saw. And the only thing I was working on. Full focus.

Now that we hit that mark, there are other deadlines….But if there is one thing I’ve learned from life, is that deadlines will always be there, but life, life goes on.

And one thing I remember from my relationship years ago, is that moment, I wanted to be in that moment forever. I didn’t think of the past nor the future, just that moment, because that was all I have. I remember that feeling very clearly. I was truly in the moment, the present.

Again, I am creating moments. Now with my sister. Things come and go, but the only thing I have is this moment right now. I can only do my best, but I can’t just think too much about the future.

I’m going to sleep early today and wake up early. Early to bed, early to rise ❤

I have to feel that I exist, that I’m alive, that I’m there. I have to taste the morning.

Goodnight, love you all.


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