Going for atonomy

A road to go for being self sufficient. Going for autonomy, where I can create my own content, my own film. I don’t have to follow directions, I can do whatever I wish to do, with my films. The stories that I want to tell, the locations I would like to see.

Becoming the master of my own destiny. I can have a plan and make it.

Me and my sister are building an eco-system to build our own film industry. That takes time and that was certainly not the plan, but it is happening.

Do I trust that it will work out? I have to, there is no other thing I can do than trust. And of course working towards it.

Do I want to be popular? I used to be and sometimes I do get persuaded into that. But I know that it is empty. The real work is much greater and goes beyond popularity, it’s about doing the work. Quality resonates with the audience, with people. Content is king and always will be.

But at the end of the day, ultimately I surrender and let go. I can only do so much and actually like I said I wasn’t even planning for this. It’s happening. I’m observing it.



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