Relax, go with the flow, God has got my back. He knows, I trust

Life has a way of making me think that this is a never ending story. But that’s not true. Nature comes in and shows us that there is also an end. That’s why love is very important in life. It gives us hope, dreams and puts us in the present.

Everything is destiny, whatever will happen, will happen. Because yesterday I got a little example of that. I wanted to buy a magazine, which was clean and not teared. I took several minutes to find out the best magazine, who looked clean and fresh. as if it was just made. Then I went to buy it and I had a hunch that it had been ripped from the back. But walking back home, I didn’t notice it. Until I went to my apartment and I noticed that behind the paper was a little bit teared. Unbelievable!

I can put a lot of effort or not, things are written. The only thing I can do is walk with time and do my best, but don’t worry. Nothing good can come out of it and time passes by. Just relax and go with the flow.

Besides, how many signs do I need that God has got my back. He guides me in the best possible way. If God says relax, I relax. He knows. I trust.

Enjoy this lovely Wednesday.


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