I love walking in nature.

What a beautiful life. Today I felt truly alive. I went to Beverly Hills and walked in nature. I inhaled fresh air. Mmm, nature is truly beautiful. Just reflecting on where I am today. Wow, I must say Beverly Hills reminds me of Dubai. I used to go every Summer in Dubai, we practically lived there as well as a second home. We had a home there. This was in my youth, 15 years ago. Truly beautiful. I love it. I always wanted to live in Dubai, because I had such fond memories and always felt I was on a holiday. I love the palm trees. And again reflecting upon my life, I am exactly where I am meant to be. I am here ❤

I see Amsterdam and Dubai in Los Angeles. I love it. Truly walking in nature opens up my mind. I feel so alive. I feel that I am living. This is life. This is it.

For a while I didn’t taste it, after working on my film, I needed to go outside, be in nature. Nature has given me everything, inspiration, perspective. I love the morning and the Sun.

I am truly grateful for this moment. Treasuring it. The trees, the leaves, it’s spring! Yes, it’s spring, it’s the season of growing, blooming, flourishing.



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