I embrace the luxurious life

I am so grateful for those who told me that what I want is too ambitious. I was always interested in other people’s life. I wanted to live a ‘normal’ life. Or someone else’s life. So how can I blame others to give me an insecure feeling about my life, about myself. If I am weak myself, I’m prone to those things, I started to believe them. But really because I was doubting myself. They pushed me into the darkness and from there I saw the light.

Whoever says to me now, that I just want a ‘simple’ life, don’t need luxury, is lying from head to toe. I know for a fact that they actually wanted my life. I couldn’t see it. I honestly believe having a ‘simple’ life, for me means going after my dreams and yes living a luxurious life. That feels nice. I have experienced that so called ‘simple’ life, small apartment, small income. I learned the values of life, from that experience,but I also can say that I truly appreciate the luxury. There is no right or wrong, both are fine in their own way, it’s just I feel more comfortable with this lifestyle.

From this painful experience, I gained the most and I can now say with full certainty that I truly embrace this luxurious life. Now of course no one can say anything to me, because it doesn’t get to me anymore. I’ve grown and learned the hard way.

I thank that Angel for guiding me and teaching me this valuable lesson, that my life is truly the best for my soul. Every card that God has given me, suits best with my soul and I have finally accepted that. It took me three years and I needed some pain in order to get to this realization.

Now I embrace who I am and I am not shying away from it. I love to work for what I want and I am in harmony with myself.

I love to dress nicely, going to fancy places. Initially I could not enjoy it, but that’s all in the past now. I’ve learned my lesson. I put humanity first, that was also a major aspect in my life that I still have to keep in mind.

Love first, the rest flows out of it’s own. It’s not that I ‘work’ for luxury, this is just part of my lifestyle, it’s who I am, I feel comfortable in this environment, I grew up with it. But the most important thing is, that I am enjoying this journey with my sister. I learned that in the other apartment, it was also nice there, beautiful and vintage. It is there, where I learned to be a good human being. And this is a huge gift of course.

A beautiful gift from God, doing my best, going with the flow and enjoying the cards that has been given to me šŸ™‚


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