Escaping life’s responsibilities. Anxious. Breath and let it go.


It’s Sunday 12th of March. I had a small Spring break, but truly I need more. But I think I am escaping. Escaping life’s ‘responsibilities’. It is scary. I am scared. But honestly I always was very anxious. Will I get my degree, will I have a nice future? I don’t have a plan, how will my life turn out…All those questions were on my mind and it turned out fine.

I know, but I can’t get rid of this anxiety, I have to breath. Closing my eyes, inhaling, exhaling. I let go.

It’s okay. Yes, I would love to talk to people, chat for a moment. But it’s okay. I’m going to lie down. Oeff, closing my eyes, inhaling, exhaling. It’s going to be fine, it’s okay. let it go.

I had an awesome day. It truly was awesome, cut my hair, went to farmer’s market. It was wonderful. Thank you God. It’s going well. Good or bad, this is earth, this anxiety is there. Whatever. I don’t want to feed it. It’s okay. RELAX 🙂


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