My fresh organic grapefruit-spinach-avocado salad

Hi my delicious fruits,

After eating lentils and rice for a long time, I really needed to refresh things in the kitchen.  I didn’t want to just eat the spinach raw or cook it. I was fed up. I was eating spinach and rice the whole time in my previous apartment. I wanted something fresh. The only thing I had in the fridge was grapefruit, avocado and spinach. So I thought, I can make a salad. I did some research on the internet and I got inspired.

It’s super delicious and easy to make. All ingredients are organic and I bought it at my local farmers market on Hollywood/Ivar. Mmm.

Here’s the recipe:

Put in a bowl:

1 ripe avocado (sliced in blocks)

1 grapefruit (thinly sliced triangles)

1 cup of raw spinach leaves

1 blood orange (optional – it’s now in season so I put it in as well, it gives the salad a sweet pop)

For vinaigrette/dressing (adjust to taste):

1 table spoon/ 50ml Olive Oil

Juice of half a grapefruit

1 teaspoon of organic honey

pinch of salt

Quick, easy and super delicious. Enjoy! 🙂


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