How cooking is making me feel alive instantly

Good Evening!

2.5 years ago, I would never be able to say this. I hated cooking, I considered it as wasting my time. Until my sister gave up cooking, since she simply didn’t know what to cook anymore besides making pasta and uhh yep just that. Because the minute she knew about processed food, we cut back to sobriety regarding food. But it tasted horrible and the supermarket wasn’t really organic back than. We also didn’t go to farmers market at the time. Just Ralphs.

Now 2.5 years later, I’m in charge and cooking creatively. Making fresh food, everything organic, nothing processed. I make my own hummus, cook my chickpeas. Yes, I soak it for 8 hours overnight. It’s normal, my mom used to do that, but she’s in Amsterdam.

Anyway what I thought was a curse turned out to be the biggest blessing. I LOVE cooking. It’s right now the only thing that gives clarity to my mind. Because I go on the internet and boom, cannot focus, too much content out there, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I turned out my phone. I have a goal and need to commit to it. Like I said, I want to create my own full dimensional life.

In Amsterdam I had a huge kitchen and I got that right now as well. In my previous apartment I didn’t have a big kitchen like this. I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH RIGHT NOW. I appreciate the fact that I am able to cook. That I can buy organic food at farmers market. I’m grateful to all the farmers at farmers market for providing this, so important!!

Cooking truly gives me a piece of mind. It was utter ignorance talking, when I said I didn’t like cooking. Yes at the time I found it a waste of time and was looking elsewhere to buy food, dine in, just not to cook. It was horrible, the dishes were not exactly appealing and I went to the best restaurant such as in four seasons hotel, beverly hills. They were not delicious. I had brunch, christmas dinner, all looking for culinary food, but nope, that was far from it. I come from Amsterdam where I dined culinary food, and the food there is excellent, perfection at every detail, it was heaven. But now I am so happy to say that I make my own culinary food.

Right now I cooked beet, with rice. And put 1 fresh blood orange at the end, for freshness. I also made chickpeas salad with apple. Plus I made grapefruit, blood orange and avocado salad. I didn’t have spinach anymore 🙂

Delicious, something you would see in the European cuisine, bringing it back here. Finally, at last, I’m able to appreciate my life, the life that I always had. Having it, losing it and then regaining it again. YES!


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