Reflect upon my present blessings

I’ve been here in the Hollywood film industry for 5 years. I was only 22 when I came here. Wow.

I walked to whole foods to get Brazil nuts. So that I can make my own milk.

For three years I can say that I feel home in Los Angeles. Both feet are here. I’m present with my whole heart. I’m grateful and super happy that I can call LA my home. I’ve got so man ideas and a lot are coming to fruition.

I only hang out with people who are supportive and kind.

I truly love my life. It’s a magical life, ever since I accepted my cards, the cards of destiny. I’m super happy.

Yes, I want to be well known for my own work, but i’s a process. Well-known is actually deceiving at this moment. People could be well-known because they appeared in so many articles, press.
But what were there content? What did they really do? Inherently what is someone’s talent? Talent means, someone can do something very easily, it comes natural to them. It’s a process. If I write about my startup that’s not what I’m promoting. I want my film to be seen and that I happen to have a production company is secondary.

Have a wonderful day šŸ™‚




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