Jumping in the unknown, there lies something great

Pleased to right that I have made my decision. I was trapped in my thoughts, as always during this period of time. Mourning about my unrequited love, love that couldn’t happen, but quite frankly I know how it will end. That love is known. This path is not. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, which is exciting actually.

It’s better to go to the unknown. For my soul it is. I don’t like routine anyway. My soul wants to grow. And oh before I forget, I’m not doing this for me. That is the key lesson I had forgotten. I’m not here for me. I’m representing a group, a nation, an entire civilization who needs perspective in life, who needs to see the beauty in life. I can bring it to them, only if I follow God’s path.

I have stopped resisting, 2 years ago and I have seen beautiful things happening to me and around me. It’s okay. I want to see great things, I want to do great things, lead by example, more importantly give people joy, everyone I can.

Broaden my horizon. Free myself from what the system wants, but going for what God wants. It can, it shall, it will be.




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