Action speaks volume

Good Afternoon Sun shines,

I have made it through my gloomy days. Always that period of time at the end of the month. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Life has taught me how to deal with it. Just do the actions if I would “feel” it.

Because of the leakage in the previous apartment and making a film, both of my credit cards are now ‘full’. But this country allows me to still make things happen, still enjoy and gives me perspective.

Writing this is such a relief. Also after reading Duv Churney’s (former CEO from American Apparel) story, gave me even more perspective. The lovely guy still has to pay more than a million back to whoever he owes. That doesn’t stop him from reinventing himself and making a new company. Making it bigger and better. Love it. We only live once.

So, step by step I’m doing what I have to do, including taking time to rest, taking time to swim, eating macaroons.

Two days ago I swam, it was a physical relief, distresses my body. I looked up, saw the moon, it was beautiful.

Paying myself first.

My actions should be if I had “everything”. And I do have it all.

I’m going to drink some Columbian coffee. 🙂

Put faith into action


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