You know what I’ve learned? That one thing doesn’t lead to the next, because God doesn’t bargain, he gives regardless

God doesn’t bargain. So it doesn’t work like that. If I do this then I will get that. No, it really doesn’t work like that. I’ve got an award, so now automatically work is going to come. or vice verse.

There is no right way, no straight way, it goes completely unexpected. If leisure presents itself now, or love presents itself now, it’s easy it’s accessible, or career, take it in the moment. Just go with the flow.

Everything is already determined. Everything. It’s set. It’s done.

It’s not up to me, I’m not doing it for myself, It’s selfless. By persevering, by doing what I’m meant to be, I’m giving hope, I’m radiating perspective, because I’m doing this. I crossed the ocean, to do this and God is helping.

God gives regardless. All I can do is take the steps, that’s it.

It’s Thursday, we’ll see, but all I can do is keep creating, keep giving.

With love


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