I am creating my own platform

Good Afternoon,

I woke up early at 9 am, to have a morning walk together with my sister. When I was walking outside I could see the beautiful scenery. I knew how fortunate and blessed I am. It was a gratitude walk.

I already have what I want. And invest in my art. When I was in Amsterdam I was earning a lot. I knew that I wasn’t growing. What I thought was a lot, I realized here in America, that knowledge and experience is priceless. Knowledge about Health, to have longevity, you can’t put a price on that.

Art reminds me that I have a soul. Art reminds me of the beauty in life.

There are platforms where I can show my art. It keeps me growing. My soul is fulfilled. I have an ability to touch a soul through my art. It is exceptional ad extraordinary. I couldn’t live just by earning, for the sake of earning, going on a holiday, then coming back to ‘home’, then earning, it’s a system. I want to live as if I’m on a holiday forever. And I am. This weather, it’s a blessing. I appreciate it. Everything.

I am creating my own platform. I am taking the steps. I am exactly where I’m meant to be. Exactly.

The beautiful flowers, palmtrees, it’s beautiful.


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