It is all about taking initiative. Creating, that is the centerpiece.

Clutter free, that’s what I’m looking for. I just went outside, to walk in nature. I realized that I’m already there, where I wanted to be. I’ve arrived. The view, the palmtrees. I just have to remind myself my eyes that I already have everything and appreciate nature.

I constantly looked at the screen. Trying to find something. Watched movies, interviews, magazines. I’m fed up digesting information. I want to create. It’s really that simple. Create. Doing the work, make my art.

One might ask, what’s the purpose of getting up early, what’s the purpose of going outside. I used to ask that on a frequent basis, especially in high school. After that period I started my life. I’m living the life.

Everything works counter intuitive. Logic says what’s the point of walking in nature. There is. It reminds me why I’m here, how far I’ve come, it gives me strength. Even when it means for half n hour or fifteen minutes, it works wonders.

I used to go to a lof of events, workshops, free festivals, all for networking. With some, I learned something, but most of the time, it was clutter. It’s been 5.5 years since I’ve been living here. I know now why those events are free. Marketing. It’s okay, I’ve gained experience, but it shouldn’t be in expense of my focus. There are so many ways that lead to Rome. Everybody has their own way. I have my own, with simplicity.

Giving art, making ,creating art is so important. A gift that needs to be shared. It is all about taking initiative. Creating, that is the centerpiece.



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