Foundation should be build with quality, once that is build there is no looking back, God has got my back now.

Good Morning,

This is a letter to my mom, I can’t say it in real life, I’ve tried, but she is not listening or perhaps doesn’t understand. I have to let it out somewhere, so this letter is brutally honest of what I think and I would like to say, which I don’t dare in real life.

“Dear Mom,

Being creative doesn’t mean money. Of course I love the luxury, but I already have that in my life, I’m living in Los Angeles, the entertainment capitol of the world, surrounded with palm trees and sunny weather. I love this life.

Unfortunately, you are not able to see the beauty. Every time when you come here, you’re not present. There were bits and pieces that you let me realize how powerful I am, when you were here, but that goes away when you’re trying to control everything.

The concept of money is also being misinterpreted. It is a tool, made by the system, to get products, travel and all the things we would like. In essence it is paper. I am choosing my time, to spend it wisely and being creative.

Smart work, is better than hard work. I’ve listened to you, because I respect you as a mother and three years ago you were financing my study. I listened and lost everything.

Now my dad is investing in our company, in our creativity. He understands that it takes time to build up a company, to build up a name, especially with integrity. Quality takes time.

It is unfortunate that you look to other people mom and don’t realize your own blessings. Perhaps you claim it, but you’re constantly checking people out on what’s app, I mean honestly there are better ways to spend your time. I’m not judging, but don’t compare. Going out clubbing with someone who has a porsche, looking at that person thinking, ‘how come they have it and I don’t’, is not a great metaphor to live life. I mean she is going out clubbing, no judgement, but usually that is done when we don’t want to hear out inside voice and occupy it with outside noise.

And then, you have the capacity to help us, you want to help us, because you did it, but you are questioning and take my whole confidence away.

No, I don’t want to create a family of my own, that typical picture, husband, children etc. I have my own family already, my parents and my sister. Why in the world would you take that away? Because you are surrounding yourself with those people.

You said that you always wanted to go to a foreign country and visit your children there. Well, we are here, not in a small city, but Los Angeles, what is your problem?

Seriously, dad is normal and loyal, he has ambition, but somehow you’re not accepting the easy approach of life: just being. Let it happen. What will happen, will happen and cannot be stopped from happening.

This is destiny. I like to provide for people in a large way with my creativity. I like that. This is what I love.

I respect myself as an artist and I’m not defined by the numbers. That is the old way of thinking, this is the new generation. You can sell things for money, anything, no, integrity is important, even when it means starting from scratch. I’m saying it, because I have done it.

Foundation should be build with quality, once that is build there is no looking back, God has got my back now. Amen


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