Getting up early, Creating, gives perspective to life

Hi lovely cherries,

This whole week I’ve been up on my feet, getting up early, creating, shooting my own promos, hosting my own show.

I’m becoming the instrument of the creator.

There is no point in asking, ‘what’s the point of getting up early, what’s the point of this and that’. If I ask that, I might as well give up life, because I don’t know, does anyone ever know what will become of them? I think that is what life is all about. Not knowing, just doing.

Getting up early, greeting nature, before I do anything else, makes me realize why it’s worth it. I greet God that way and when I go to sleep, I pray. It gives me peace and trust in the universe.

It doesn’t matter what I like, I might get those things, and get everything but still have nothing. I am grateful that I surrendered, put my ego away and went with God. Because internally I finally can say that I have everything.

Thank God, my eyes are open, I can see.

It doesn’t matter what I think, it’s all about the actions. Doing things, even when I’m making mistakes, that’s great, it means I’m doing something, I’m learning.

Everything is already in me, whenever I take the actions, I can see. Whenever I am selfless, I can see. By I can see I mean that I see what God’s intention is for me.

It’s all about choices. Talent lies in choices.


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