What gives me rest?

What gives me rest? To have something of my own. To provide for me and my family, hmm, but many have that goal.

I was sitting on the balcony, looking at the poolview, drinking my coffee. Remembering hawaii, waking up at 6am, looking at the ocean, there is a lot of tranquility. My outside circumstances are tranquil. This is what I wanted.

I have to confess, that these past few weeks, there was a lot of turbulence going on inside of me. I was comparing, only talking about what I don’t want, no positive outlook, focusing on mistakes, looking at other people, how far they are, are they ahead?

When I was at the other apartment for years, I realized something. I basically didn’t have a kitchen, we bought an electric stove, with two pits to warm the pan on, the washing machine didn’t clean the clothes properly, the elevator was a hassle, leakage, mold, outside noise, there was so much going on, I couldn’t dare to complain ironically. I focused on my work and appreciated life.

I’m living at the best unit, awesome apartment, everything is clean, I earned this place, tranquil and luxury again. I must not forget what I’ve been through, it was a stepping stone of inner rest.

I already have everything, I just couldn’t see it.

This is a commitment to myself to just focus on my track, my needs and wants. There is no point to see who’s ahead or not. If I want to be on top, have complete monopoly, I should go and reach for another planet, where no one is there, must me on every magazine. One person to read it, just me.

What would I do if I was on a different planet? I would litterly want to enlighten planet earth. Planet earth is a beautiful planet. beautiful ocean, nature, delicious food. I would enlighten the planet and share my positivity, my enthousiasm, my knowledge that I have acquired.

Ho w can I enlighten the planet, I’m a spec in the universe, but how can I make the most out of this life? I am a human, I cam bound to make mistakes, that is okay, it really doesn’t matter as long as I’m trying. As long as I do my past.

Yes, I wanted all eyes on me, especially when I see people with no intention of ‘helping other’s getting a high appraisal, what am I doing then?

This life is tranquil, it is people’s choice to be fooled, but it’s there choice. Who am I to determine if someone is going the right or wrong way? that’s not up to me. If I want change, I have to take my step.

I woke up early today, I see what I have. I have a lot. My diamonds are my parents and sister. If I can buy a beautiful, big sofa, where I can sit with my whole family watching Lucy show, that would be priceless. I’m 27. When I was 21, I thought I should have started earlier. How naive, I started at a perfect age.

When I was studying I said, I have to complete it, so I can go to Dubai and live there. I live in LA now, perfect spot.

I became the best, top student of the class, without wanting it. I just did my work. I’m not here to be the best, it doesn’t work for me.


I’m going forward. Congratulations, let’s celebrate life!

Putting faith into action works. Law of attraction works. I’m working on my first feature film. I’m definitely not the first, because it’s not about being the first, it’s about being your best.

I might not have the funds, the actors, location yet, but if I don’t make a start, the universe cannot respond. It responds to my actions. It responds to whatever I’m focusing on, wherever I put my energy to. It’s very strong. Extremely strong, the universe responds quickly.

It goes fast, I’m working on it, because what I’ve learned from this journey is that I have to work on it, start and the rest will flow. It’s all about doing the work and everything else will fall into place.

Trust. I’ve learned this in LA, USA, where I found myself, where God is the greatest. Where everything is possible, where time is infinite. Where there is no rush, where there is love, acceptance, no judgement.

I took the opportunity and moved forward and now I can experience the power of Hollywood.

My ultimate purpose, dream in life. I’m so happy that I took the step, discovered the unknown. Something beautiful flourished.

I’m going forward. Congratulations, let’s celebrate life!


I chose for integrity, longevity and humanity, all of that seemed impossible. But slowly it becomes visible, the universe is making it happen.

There are so many things I would like to tell you mom, It will be hard to say over the phone. I learned a lot from my sister. When things happen and suddenly it gets solved, why make a problem what if this or that happened. It didn’t happen, period. My relationship with my dad became overtime stronger. I understand my dad now. In life bold choices have to be made. It is important. Time and destiny, what will happen, will happen, it cannot be stopped from happening.

Calculated risks are important in life to go further. I chose for integrity, longevity and humanity, all of that seemed impossible. But slowly it becomes visible, this is the vision of God.

I don’t know if I will win, but it will be a beautiful game. I am not afraid of who I am am. I always wanted to go for natural beauty, less make up, natural. I wanted to provide entertainment by making films, provide a beautiful experience. But not be like everybody else.