When I’m in nature, I’m fulfilled.

Good Morning,

I just went hiking and some pure thoughts came to me, straight from nature. I looked up to the mountain, trees, it was absolutely beautiful and serene. How come I feel so full when I hike, when I am in nature? And when I am back from the mountain, desires of ‘becoming’ something, making a business, becoming a billionaire….

I guess I am human and it is normal that these desires are in me. Thank God that I do go into nature. I’m glad that I have these desires in me, I am ambitious and I can’t resist or ignore it. I love what I do.

I don’t know where this is leading to, or  where this is going, but all I know is that God has put this is me, I have to complete it in order to find out.

I love being active in the morning, swimming, hiking. Life makes sense to me. Then the things after, I just do it, without thinking, just doing it. I don’t ask myself, where is this leading to etc. Don’t need to be too analytical.

There are so many possibilities, unbounded potential. Things that I haven’t tapped into it yet.

Everyday I wake up early now and do something for my company, I have a vision. One step at a time. For a month, I had a break, just did leisure, now I am going for something, putting all my energy in myself, in my vision. A vision that I received from the universe.

I don’t know if I can do it, but that is not up to me. God has put this in me, he is giving me the power to do so, so that’s what I’m doing.

My energy is big, once I put attention to it and put it all on myself, I get instant results. INSTANT.

Society makes me want to look at others, perhaps they know something. Nature doesn’t. Nature lets me be, as I am. I’m fulfilled in nature. So again, I don’t know the end result, purpose, but I do know that God has put this in me, so I’m going to follow my intuition and we’ll see where this road takes me.

Have a wonderful day!



In the midst of all, I have to trust my own vision

I am so overwhelmed, really overwhelmed by how fast people take things over, copy and run it like it’s own. they are catching up.

In my country I used to be one of the few people, actually read only one, who talked about ambition. it is overwhelming, that now there is an explosion of that topic going on in my country. Jesus.

Pause, STOP: I just took my script what I’m working on, into developing a screenplay for a feature film. That is what I want to do, that is my desire. The way I am going to do it. No one has walked this path before, I’m writing on my own canvas, I’m creating a new canvas. I can’t do what other people have already done, I can only do my own thing.

The tune what is going inside of me, I have to dance, sing, act my way. Trust my vision.

Everyone is reaching far, it’s scary, it’s intimidating, it’s as if they are close. BUT, I have the greatest force behind me, God. If it’s destiny, it will happen.

How will I allocate me resources, how can I find people who can make it what I wanted it to be.

Location, music.

Step by step.

What I just realized is what makes me unique is my cultural heritage, my look, see it doesn’t matter how many people copy or do the same things as me, I will always be an original. I will always be unique, my features are different, one of a kind.

There is no need to worry, just I have to trust, and work on my vision, make it practical and real.

Bhagavad Gita; meaning of life, enlightment

The sun belongs to the whole world, it perhaps doesn’t shine on everyone at the same time, but everybody gets its turn.

Find God in the practice of our daily world. Such awareness calls us to live in the  moment and brings with it the possibility of finding great spiritual joy.

From pursuing my dream, my career, I became fully aware of myself, not to live in an illusion and found myself through this journey. I have embraced yoga and always was gravitating towards spirituality.

I didn’t know that the Gita was arranged as a conversation between the soul and God, Arjuna and Krishna.

The art of yoga: how to live and act in a way that leads to liberation and to union with God.

What value have power, happiness or life itself, when the ones with whom I would share them- teachers, grandfathers, fathers, sons, grandsons, uncles and brothers, are here to lose everything and die?

When families are one, traditions and duties appear and as a result morality spreads.

How terrible that our own greed for earthly power should drive us to such controlling deeds as the destruction of our own families.

The spirit inside the body is eternal.

We are the new generation, becoming one with nature, caring about humanity. We are nangi ( in hindi naked) babies.
I only want to wear sustainable fabric, sustainable cotton.
Fabric that feels nice on the skin.
Food, raw and organic that is good for health and skin.
I don’t eat cow. Only fish, turkey and lamb.

Inner concentration and stillness, called samadhi, is the first symptom of the enlightened soul.

I am enlightened. 



Do you recognize this fruit?

Good Morning!

Do you recognize this one? What a beauty, it’s called a dragonfruit/ pink pitaya. I immediately bought it and tried it. I love it! It’s fresh in taste and I read it has a lot of health benefits. I’ve also read that I should eat it in moderation, but that’s with everything. So perhaps once a week.



Any step in the right direction, with or without seeing it, is a good step.

I just talked to my dad. I’m grateful for that conversation. Everything he said, what he advised, i want to do exactly the opposite.

so I’m going on he right track 😉

Also, the most important one, he expresses that he worries, but listening to it, it’s all about doing. that’s the solution. One can only do their best.

Taking the action, not talking about it, doing it. Not worrying, but taking actions. If I stop, don’t do anything, only complaining about people getting ahead, that’s depleting my energy. It’s actually going to bother humanity.

Any step in the right direction, with or without seeing it, is a good step. Just take the first step, don’t have to see the whole stair case. And that is the beauty of life.

Fulfilling my hearts purest desires, what’s inside me and have the courage to follow that. One step at a time.



Like a cheetah, I’m positioning myself and will take over at the appropriate time, going for maximum impact

Like a cheetah, I’m positioning myself and will take over at the appropriate time. I’m observing and obviously want maximum impact.

If there is one thing I’ve learned, is that I am comprehending what it means to save my energy.

I just danced for half n hour, released tension, took a shower quickly and I feel reborn again.

What a tranquility, what a peace. We are all creators, this is the new generation. In this century, decade we are finally taking a huge step towards humanity. Eating natural food.

Integrity, honesty, I’m walking a path which requires patience, but it’s worth it. Because God is behind me. Good things come to those who has patience.

What is interesting, that Disney initially didn’t ask big stars to act or do a voice over. They were artists, not known to the public. It was about great storytelling and three dimensional characters.

I care about putting in the work and letting go.

Today I had a beautiful breakfast, a rose croissant and chocolate freeze rom pressed juicer, it was divine. My view was the beautiful garden at the Grove.

I didn’t know that the fountain at the Grove was from the same designer at Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Blessed to experience this.

An urge to act, making it reality by doing

I remember now. I acted everything out, I acted in my room and that’s how I became an actress. That’s how I created my destiny. By doing it, because that’s truly what my heart desires. It always has. Regardless of my circumstance, i always wanted to play this role.

Integrity is everything. When I look at myself in the mirror, there is a lot of peace. That’s all what I wanted. An urge to act, make meaningful movies.

God truly knows the perfect timing

The fresh air that I get from the morning, is something else. It always reminds me of breakfast at hotels.

It’s been 5 years, in October 6 years, since I’ve lived here in Los Angeles.

I do what I can do, even when it means helping someone else, in this case my sister. She’s working towards something and I’m happy to support her in that.

Going with the flow, what does that exactly mean?
There is a balance between pushing and going with the flow.
Everything happens with patience. Patience is everything.

There were a lot of things I could do and have done to boost my ego, to make it happen on my time, but eventually God truly knows the perfect timing. No doubt about that.

Going with the flow

I went to Gustavo Dudamel at the Hollywood Bowl. It was truly magical. I create my moments, I think life is a celebration on it’s own.

I appreciate what God has given me and I’m not going to question it. I receive a lot of love, a lot of joy and beautiful gifts from life. I’m living a beautiful life, because I see it that way. It is a privilege and I’m grateful that I can share my happiness.

I would like to enlighten people with my art, that is my contribution. Gustavo Dudamel, is inspiring and he is very good in what he does. His focus and dedication is phenomenal.

However, I appreciate what comes to me right now, what is in the flow. It is very important to go with the flow.

Surrendering to you, God, you lead the path. Amen.