I’m going forward. Congratulations, let’s celebrate life!

Putting faith into action works. Law of attraction works. I’m working on my first feature film. I’m definitely not the first, because it’s not about being the first, it’s about being your best.

I might not have the funds, the actors, location yet, but if I don’t make a start, the universe cannot respond. It responds to my actions. It responds to whatever I’m focusing on, wherever I put my energy to. It’s very strong. Extremely strong, the universe responds quickly.

It goes fast, I’m working on it, because what I’ve learned from this journey is that I have to work on it, start and the rest will flow. It’s all about doing the work and everything else will fall into place.

Trust. I’ve learned this in LA, USA, where I found myself, where God is the greatest. Where everything is possible, where time is infinite. Where there is no rush, where there is love, acceptance, no judgement.

I took the opportunity and moved forward and now I can experience the power of Hollywood.

My ultimate purpose, dream in life. I’m so happy that I took the step, discovered the unknown. Something beautiful flourished.

I’m going forward. Congratulations, let’s celebrate life!



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