Bhagavad Gita; meaning of life, enlightment

The sun belongs to the whole world, it perhaps doesn’t shine on everyone at the same time, but everybody gets its turn.

Find God in the practice of our daily world. Such awareness calls us to live in the  moment and brings with it the possibility of finding great spiritual joy.

From pursuing my dream, my career, I became fully aware of myself, not to live in an illusion and found myself through this journey. I have embraced yoga and always was gravitating towards spirituality.

I didn’t know that the Gita was arranged as a conversation between the soul and God, Arjuna and Krishna.

The art of yoga: how to live and act in a way that leads to liberation and to union with God.

What value have power, happiness or life itself, when the ones with whom I would share them- teachers, grandfathers, fathers, sons, grandsons, uncles and brothers, are here to lose everything and die?

When families are one, traditions and duties appear and as a result morality spreads.

How terrible that our own greed for earthly power should drive us to such controlling deeds as the destruction of our own families.

The spirit inside the body is eternal.

We are the new generation, becoming one with nature, caring about humanity. We are nangi ( in hindi naked) babies.
I only want to wear sustainable fabric, sustainable cotton.
Fabric that feels nice on the skin.
Food, raw and organic that is good for health and skin.
I don’t eat cow. Only fish, turkey and lamb.

Inner concentration and stillness, called samadhi, is the first symptom of the enlightened soul.

I am enlightened. 




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