In the midst of all, I have to trust my own vision

I am so overwhelmed, really overwhelmed by how fast people take things over, copy and run it like it’s own. they are catching up.

In my country I used to be one of the few people, actually read only one, who talked about ambition. it is overwhelming, that now there is an explosion of that topic going on in my country. Jesus.

Pause, STOP: I just took my script what I’m working on, into developing a screenplay for a feature film. That is what I want to do, that is my desire. The way I am going to do it. No one has walked this path before, I’m writing on my own canvas, I’m creating a new canvas. I can’t do what other people have already done, I can only do my own thing.

The tune what is going inside of me, I have to dance, sing, act my way. Trust my vision.

Everyone is reaching far, it’s scary, it’s intimidating, it’s as if they are close. BUT, I have the greatest force behind me, God. If it’s destiny, it will happen.

How will I allocate me resources, how can I find people who can make it what I wanted it to be.

Location, music.

Step by step.

What I just realized is what makes me unique is my cultural heritage, my look, see it doesn’t matter how many people copy or do the same things as me, I will always be an original. I will always be unique, my features are different, one of a kind.

There is no need to worry, just I have to trust, and work on my vision, make it practical and real.


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