When I’m in nature, I’m fulfilled.

Good Morning,

I just went hiking and some pure thoughts came to me, straight from nature. I looked up to the mountain, trees, it was absolutely beautiful and serene. How come I feel so full when I hike, when I am in nature? And when I am back from the mountain, desires of ‘becoming’ something, making a business, becoming a billionaire….

I guess I am human and it is normal that these desires are in me. Thank God that I do go into nature. I’m glad that I have these desires in me, I am ambitious and I can’t resist or ignore it. I love what I do.

I don’t know where this is leading to, or  where this is going, but all I know is that God has put this is me, I have to complete it in order to find out.

I love being active in the morning, swimming, hiking. Life makes sense to me. Then the things after, I just do it, without thinking, just doing it. I don’t ask myself, where is this leading to etc. Don’t need to be too analytical.

There are so many possibilities, unbounded potential. Things that I haven’t tapped into it yet.

Everyday I wake up early now and do something for my company, I have a vision. One step at a time. For a month, I had a break, just did leisure, now I am going for something, putting all my energy in myself, in my vision. A vision that I received from the universe.

I don’t know if I can do it, but that is not up to me. God has put this in me, he is giving me the power to do so, so that’s what I’m doing.

My energy is big, once I put attention to it and put it all on myself, I get instant results. INSTANT.

Society makes me want to look at others, perhaps they know something. Nature doesn’t. Nature lets me be, as I am. I’m fulfilled in nature. So again, I don’t know the end result, purpose, but I do know that God has put this in me, so I’m going to follow my intuition and we’ll see where this road takes me.

Have a wonderful day!



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