I’m stepping in and will put all of my focus into creating, making magic happen.

My lifepath number is 3. Creating comes very easy to me. The challenge is to overcome my self doubt and earn from my creative talents. I know I can, I’m stepping in and will put all of my focus into creating, making magic happen. I was born with a Leonardo Davinci in my house.

If I want something, I will get it. Because once I put my mind to it, I do it with care and love. And that purity is beautiful.

Going for Supreme Focus.


Embracing my luxurious taste

I am able to turn things around. I am able to be successful with my creativity and earn from it. Enough is enough, I finally at a place, where I can listen to my own thought. I love luxury, that is something I truly love, I love luxurious fabrics and products. I love high quality.

I am aiming for a luxurious car and my goal is to get that by the end of 2018. Within a year, I would like to get my Mercedes. I am so done with uber. Dealing with grumpy drivers who cannot drive.

Driving is fun and it’s easy. I have a driving licence, I know what I am talking about. I moved from Europe 5.5 years ago, I had a car, left it all for my dream. Now 5.5 years later, I am ready to for my car, I’m ready to drive. I feel so strong about it, so empowered by the thought of finally having my own car. And not just a car, a Mercedes Benz and pay it in full. It’s not about what’s cheaper, it’s about what’s more efficient. Yes, I have to deal with parking, that’s fine, I have patience, I’ll do it. I want variety in my life. That’s why I want to pay it in full and give myself a year time span to acquire the funds to get there.

I still choose hotels over air bnb. I love hotels, because I love luxury. I am embracing it. I love it. And hey I am working for it.

I am able to make a living with my creativity. Let’s own up to it, I can. I love what I do, I’ve worked to get to this stage, to create my whole life, while also tasting luxury. That is in my life path, I want it. What I want, is what I get. I really want this. I’m going for what I want.

It makes me happy, and I have to go for my need. Just being in a luxurious car, driving in it, in the morning, love it. Finally, it’s all about feeling liberated, empowered, rich and established


Being in a position where I think why bother to compete, is actually liberating.

Being in a position where I think why bother to compete, is actually liberating. At some point, in 2013, I thought: ‘I don’t think I will get the lead anyway.’ For me it takes the pressure off. So I got the lead.

with maths, I knew it was easy and I could do it. So I didn’t care of being the best, because i knew I could do it, I was enjoying life as well and everything went well. It was amazing.

I would like to make a peaceful living, beautiful, peaceful, tranquil. Without the race, without the sense of competition, on my own terms, with a peace of mind. And then when external factors are saying things and comparing and I see others getting result, than I get distracted. 😦 But I don’t want to have the mentality that I’m doing it for someone else. Not anymore. And then when I’ve achieved it, I’ll be saying: ‘Heyy, look at me, I’ve achieved it!’ Ofcourse everybody is in a different life style. Time doesn’t stop, people will have their own lives. It’s not that they’re waiting for me.

Just because things aren’t captured on screen or picture or for press, doesn’t mean that it’s less important. I can only do my best. It takes time. But like I said, I don’t want to achieve things just to show. I want it for myself, because I want to because I have a mission in life, but it has to come from a genuine place. Can’t fake it. There is no race. I don’t want to be in the race, I want to feel abundance and do something because I want to.

I know I’m great if I don’t compare.

What I focus on, that will grow

I just came from hiking at Runyon Canyon. I realized that I truly have everything I want. It’s truly possible to achieve the top. It’s all about having the right mentality and knowing that this path is yours. Let nothing come in the way.

I know exactly what I want. One thing I am holy about is the truth. And giving value. I produce quality, that is what I stand for. I produce something original. Something that is truly innovative, something that is not out there yet. Just because someone else has done it, that doesn’t stop me from doing it, because I can actually do it better in my own way, with my own unique skills.

Where the energy flows, that’s what grows. What I focus on, that will grow. I have to grow my principles, what I want in life to see. I’m seeing glimpse of it, actually more so here in Los Angeles. What a peace and calmness.


My creative space and new books, script and business planner, my new year of self discovery starts now, new beginnings, new chapter, going my way, let’s see what I can achieve, what I can do, how much value I can bring with my creativity. Going confidently into my direction, trusting the path and taking the steps.

Can I move through self-doubt and commit myself to developing—and making money with—my amazing creative talents?

It’s so funny, when I read a good book, I feel empowered. Focus means- how do I use my time.

The temptation of watching things on youtube is big, simply because it’s in the feed, or I type it in. It’s so easy. Other people are addicted to smoking, alcohol, too much sugar. None of that for me. But comparing, checking out other people, even when I don’t know them oehh, that’s something I need to work on.

Let’s get to the bottom of this. Why do I do that? Frankly speaking, I want to see who’s ahead of me and am I bigger, better than them. Let’s be honest about it, I really don’t mind what my neighbor is doing, because well we live in the same building so, we’re equal.

I’ve lived in a small apartment prior to this apartment, for 4 years, only to realize how much I had. How much time I had, how much money I had, how much power I had. Not in comparison, just for me, it was a lot, I basically had everything. But due to my habit of comparing, I had to go through that mud hole. And losing, only to see everything in perspective.

I bought the book Daily Greatness Business planner. It’s a challenge to only focus on my needs, my progress, my business, my creativity.

What am I doing? The people that I was watching, comparing to, or jealous of, they are at least doing something, good or bad, that’s not up to me, they are doing there part. What about me? Where is my focus, where is my true potential?

I look at myself and I see a beautiful intelligent, healthy lady. If I look at my physique I do have it all, I also work out in my own way and have a flat belly.

So why am I comparing? Because they are getting all the attention and I am not? Am I really begging for attention? Do I really need it? What about just creating quality, minding my own business.

It’s is not up to me to correct people how to conduct there business, whether they do it ethically or not, truly I can’t stop them. Perhaps they are learning in there own way.

What if I challenge myself and truly commit to who I really am. Self expressive, entertaining through my performances and build a business empire in a field where I know I am walking on, I am the only one. In my field, there is no one to compare to, simply because it doesn’t exist yet. I am building it.

What if I tap into my true potential and become the person who I want to be. What if I overcome my extreme self-doubt and go full speed ahead with my creativity and artistic side.

Yes I am an entrepreneur, I am a business woman, I love it, but creativity is number one, I am not corporate. Integrity is placed on a high ladder for me. I want to be original, truly give value to people.

I should not argue why other people are getting such fame and ‘fortune’ without integrity, yes I know the truth, but what am I going to do about it. Expose the person? Another person will come right there, in that person’s spot. I can’t change people, I can only change myself, I can only put something on the map, if I follow through with it.

I can be like them, join the club or make my own mark, stand out. It’s challenging, but I’ve made it far, very far in life.

Let’s see what happens, by focusing on my good sights and things I need to work on. Let my fingers point to me now, what am I doing and how valuable can I become for this world, to society.

Now it’s coming, a healthy understanding about myself. I am respecting myself in a healthy way.

Experience is bigger BIGGER than knowledge. Through failure, I have understood my power. I already had the knowledge. I had it, I had everything, but not the experience. Now it’s coming, a healthy understanding about myself. I am respecting myself in a healthy way. I am good, I am already successful.

I am getting back to myself. More and more I’m discovering what I can do and who I am. I am independent. 

I can write, act, dance, host, produce and many more things.

Much love

A note to my past self, followed my own advice, moving forward now

Don’t neglect what you have, appreciate every little thing, make a mark, be the best that you can be. Don’t mess with your own integrity and dignity. Create a good reputation, create a record, that people can count on you. 

Appreciate the goodness and the perfection in you. Let people adjust to you, always be yourself.

You get opportunities from God, grab it with appreciation, don’t toss it away. You wanted to know, what you have to offer, I guess the only way you’ll know, is to mess up and you messed up, but God is kind to you. You have to learn from your mistake, otherwise you’ll meet yourself again and then it will be a huge struggle again. So you can make life easy by just doing the things you need to do and appreciate it, or not appreciating who you are and let everything diminish in front of your eyes! choose!

A note to my past self. Followed my own advice, moving forward!

Spread love and kindness, that’s the way of creating a happy world. It’s energy.

‘Today I was reminded who I am. The true core of me. I am not here to learn, I’m here to spread my wisdom. Leading by example. Everything from every human being, friends, family, lovers, I was the one who enlightened them. But I always found it challenging that I couldn’t learn from anyone, they were all learning from me.

But today, someone spoke his mind, it is very humbling and kind, I used to say these things, I am inspired by…thank you for your advice, I’ve learned so much from you….

But to receive it, for someone actually putting it down into words, many people have said it, but I forgot.

It’s not about getting things in life, it’s about giving. But once you receive, wow that is so beautiful, so loving.

There is hope, it makes me happy, to receive love. I’m not seeking it anymore, it’s coming to me. So grateful for this.

So grateful for everyone who took the courage to tell me.

Everything is already inside of me. When people put me down, they did it because deep down they wanted to do what I am doing. They didn’t have the courage. Some people have the courage to tell me that and some people die without saying it.

It’s beautiful to see and hear that people truly are seeking meaning in their lives. And they want it. But because of society they don’t dare.

I am doing this for all of us. Spread love and kindness, that’s the way of creating a happy world. It’s energy.

SOUL PURPOSE, I am a worthy human being

It is so important to follow my own heart. The west is becoming so aware and completely in tune with themselves, following the gita, yoga. While the east is only promoting sex. As if girls are invented just for pleasure for boys. And you know what, who is promoting this? Women! Oh my god, not guys, women are doing this to themselves.

Thank God I left the dreadful environment, dreadful people who were putting me down for being so ambitious. While those people who are promoting it, are dumbing down people to not think for themselves. Thank God that the world is becoming more aware. Thank God that the West is promoting more and more ambition and self awareness.

Peace to the mind. I met like minded people here. Thank you God, for bringing me here in Los Angeles.

This gives me satisfaction, self exploration, soul purpose, I love it. There is a reason why I am here.

With love always

The failure that we face in the moment, will be our success

It’s exhausting sometimes to try and then fail, not getting a response and if that happens repeatedly then your mentally drained. But actually that’s what I thought initially. Every failure is another step towards your goal. The failure that we face in the moment, will be our success. Dark thought will come and go. It’s shifting gears, cry and move on. At the end there are no tears anymore.